Mastery Is Key specialises in Holistic Transformational Life Coaching with particular focus on healing & understanding of physical laws of the universe such a  the law of Attraction. Working with individuals, corporations and schools; to empower human beings to operate at their most optimum levels.

Through the building of the the Whole person, and understanding and directing our internal energy towards our goals creation is made.



Remote Energy Healing & Quantum Healing Past Lives Regression Hypnosis 

Start -Up / Founder Coaching - Enhancing Creativity
Encourage Founders to discover and achieve their potential. Assist identifying any internal blocks standing in their way, and guide them in creating successful and passion-filled businesses.

Executive Leadership/Politicians/Artist Coaching/Sport
Coaching/ High Performing individuals to finding a balance as they strive to achieve excellence in every area of their lives.

Experience a Shift through applying the Law of Attraction principles of:

  • Infinite Financial Abundance - Cultivating an Abundance Mindset, become an intentional Master Manifestor.


  • Energy Healing - Understanding the role of emotions in Health, Mental & Physical.

  • Worthiness / Self Discovery - Reminder of who you are

       detailing Purpose, Vision, Inspired action

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