Energy & Intuition

Why Every Human Needs to Understand these 2 Words

At our core we are Energy and our Emotions helps us understand where we are vibrating. We all have Intuition and if utilised from a high vibration, creates worlds.


There are 2 Major Emotions that you need to understand

  • Negative (Low Vibrating) - that which feels BAD to YOU.

  • Positive (high Vibrating) - that which feels GOOD to YOU.


By using this as a GPS you will know at each moment which vibration you are on and therefore the ENERGY you are adorning or emitting.

High vibrating & low vibrating people & ideas never cross paths.

Allow Your Financial Abundance In

- How To Allow Your Abundance In 

- Understanding Emotional Set Points

- Your mood and how it affects your bank balance

- Unlearning Limiting Beliefs


- Workshop Duration: 4 weeks

- Structure: 60min weekly live group calls with `Karen

- Worksheets: provided prior to each call

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